Postdoctoral fellowship

A postdoctoral fellowship position is available to work on a project examining the major evolutionary transition to multicellularity in green algae. This project is led by Dr. Charlie Cornwallis in collaboration with Profs. Karin Rengefors and Lars-Anders Hansson. The project will use a combination of experimental evolution on target groups (green algae), and comparative analyses of the independent transitions to multicellularity across the tree of life using genomic, ecological and life-history data. This position will provide the opportunity to explore social evolutionary theory and develop skills in experimental design, bioinformatics, phylogenetic comparative methods and meta-analysis. Closing date for applications is July 15, 2016. For more information and application go to:

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PhD position within EU ITN-network

A second PhD position is in the process of being filled. Note that the closing date has passed. This is a position focused on single-cell population genomics within eukaryotic phytoplankton. The position is one of 15 within a European network initiative, SINGEK. See the link below for a description, eligibility (note special ones for EU mobility), criteria, and more and

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Population genetic structure in a large marine diatom bloom

We found that the Baltic Sea spring diatom bloom displayed strong spatial structure driven by oceanographic connectivity and geographical distance, which was enhanced by the pronounced salinity gradient This work was done within the Prodiversa Nordforsk network and would not have been possible for a single group to do alone. More of this Nordforsk, please!

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Congratulations Dr. Sefbom!

On Friday September 25th, Josefin Sefbom, PhD student on the joint project “Dispersal barriers of microalgae” defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations! Josefin still has some copies of her thesis so do contact her if you are interested.

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New paper by Ingrid Sassenhagen

Ingrid Sassenhagen just published the last paper of her thesis in Journal of Plankt0n Research. In this papers she has investigated if cysts of the raphidophyte Gonyostomum semen germinates and starts growing best in their own lake water, and thereby outcompete any newcomers. Read her story here.

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Presentation at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

On July 9th I gave a short presentation in the MBL awardee brown bag seminar series on “Exploration of invasion patterns of a harmful algal bloom species using RAD-tag sequencing and population genomics”. I am spending seven weeks this summer working at the MBL on a Whitman summer investigator research grant.

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Sampling in Maine

Successful sampling in  Maine. With the help of Dr. Ramunas Stepanauskas at Bigelow Laboratory, I found Gonyostomum in a humic lake in Nobleboro, Maine. For the next weeks I will be busy isolating and  attempting to culture cells sampling_mainefrom this population.sampling_lake

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Presentation award to Natalia Annenkova

Natalia Annenkova won the first place award for “the well done and impressively reported oral presentation” entitled “Case of protist recent divergence resolved using phylogenomic approach”.  This was at the 7th International Young Scientists School “Systems Biology and Bioinformatics” (SBB-2015), which was held in Federal Research Center Institute of Cytology and Genetics,  Novosibirsk, Russia, June 22-25. Congratulations!

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Bigelow visit

On June 29th I gave a talk on “Speciation, dispersal, and invasion patterns in microalgae” at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Maine. I was impressed by the modern new laboratory and the amazing view. I was especially interested in the single cell genomics center led by Ramunas Stepanaukas.

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