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High calcium limits expansion of Gonyostomum semen Congratulations to Raphael Gollnisch on his first first-author paper Calcium and pH interaction limits bloom formation and expansion of a nuisance microalga in Limnology & Oceanography (see

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High diversity of microcystin chemotypes

Congratulations to PhD student Emma Johansson for the publication of her first paper for her thesis! In this study Emma has explored the microcystin variants (chemotypes) of 130 Microcystis botrys strains from a single bloom season. See

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Gonyostomum chloroplast genome

Former lab member Ingrid Sassenhagen just published our paper on the Gonyostomum semen chloroplast genome in a special volume in Genes. This work was done using whole-genome amplification from a few isolated chloroplasts, thereby circumventing having to culture cells. Please … Continue reading

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Population genetic structure in a large marine diatom bloom

We found that the Baltic Sea spring diatom bloom displayed strong spatial structure driven by oceanographic connectivity and geographical distance, which was enhanced by the pronounced salinity gradient This work was done within the Prodiversa Nordforsk network and would … Continue reading

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Congratulations Dr. Sefbom!

On Friday September 25th, Josefin Sefbom, PhD student on the joint project “Dispersal barriers of microalgae” defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations! Josefin still has some copies of her thesis so do contact her if you are interested.

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New paper by Ingrid Sassenhagen

Ingrid Sassenhagen just published the last paper of her thesis in Journal of Plankt0n Research. In this papers she has investigated if cysts of the raphidophyte Gonyostomum semen germinates and starts growing best in their own lake water, and thereby … Continue reading

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