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New PhD student

I would like to welcome Sandra Rabow, who is a new PhD student in my group. Sandra’s research focus will be on the effect of extreme weather on algal blooms, specifically summer heat waves and the competition between dinoflagellates and … Continue reading

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PhD student position opening

A fully funded doctoral student position on freshwater algal bloom dynamics is available in my lab. Closing date February 15, 2020.  Project description Blooms like it hot – or not Aquatic environments are of enormous importance as natural resources of … Continue reading

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High diversity of microcystin chemotypes

Congratulations to PhD student Emma Johansson for the publication of her first paper for her thesis! In this study Emma has explored the microcystin variants (chemotypes) of 130 Microcystis botrys strains from a single bloom season. See

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Gonyostomum in Cedar Swamp, Woods Hole

In a paper 1935, Drouet and Cohen, described that they had found the rarely observed flagellate Gonyostoum semen in a sphagnum swamp in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. This locality is referred to by residents as the Cedar Swamp. This year … Continue reading

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2018 field sampling

This summer we will have two major field sampling campaigns going on. One is here in southern Sweden, in lakes Ringsjön and Vombsjön. The project is focused on the seasonal dynamics of toxin and non-toxin producing strains of the cyanobacterium Microcystis … Continue reading

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New project on phytoplankton resilience and evolution

Together with Dr. Anna Godhe (PI), my colleagues Drs. Olof Berglund, Helena Filipsson, and I, were funded to work on phytoplankton resilience and evolution in response to pollution. The project, entitled Live to tell: Have phytoplankton evolved in response to … Continue reading

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Another new PhD student

I would like to welcome Raphael Gollnisch, a new PhD student to our group. Raphael will be working with the invasive freshwater species Gonyostomum semen, investigating the underlying differences between expanding and non-expanding lineages. He will utilize single-cell genome amplification … Continue reading

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Welcome to new PhD student

I would like to welcome our new member Emma Johansson to my lab. Emma will be working on her PhD on population genomics of the toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis botrys. The focus of her PhD project is to try and understand … Continue reading

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PhD position within EU ITN-network

A second PhD position is in the process of being filled. Note that the closing date has passed. This is a position focused on single-cell population genomics within eukaryotic phytoplankton. The position is one of 15 within a European network … Continue reading

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Presentation at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

On July 9th I gave a short presentation in the MBL awardee brown bag seminar series on “Exploration of invasion patterns of a harmful algal bloom species using RAD-tag sequencing and population genomics”. I am spending seven weeks this summer … Continue reading

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