Current lab members

header3_renglabMarie Svensson, MSc. Marie has a Master’s degree in Biology from Lund University and is a technician at the Aquatic Ecology  unit. She is the lab manager of the molecular laboratory and runs our AFLP analyses, RAD library preparations, and more.

Raphael Gollnisch, MSc. Raphael is a PhD student working with single-cell genomics and population genetics to address dispersal and expansion patterns of the nuisance microalga Gonyostomum semen (Raphidophyceae). He is part of the SINGEK ITN Marie-Curie Network.

Emma Johansson, MSc. Emma is a PhD student working with population genomics in the toxin-producing cyanobacterium Microcystis botrys. The overall aim is to understand the distribution of toxin and non-toxing producing strains over time and space, and investigate the underlying causes. Read more about the project  here.



Markus Lindh, PhD. Markus is a postdoc working on a project on the evolution of multicellularity in green microalgae. This is a collaborative project with Charlie Cornwallis (PI) and Lars-Anders Hansson (co-PI). Read more about Marcus here.

Maria Svensson Coelho, PhD. Maria is a research engineer working on the same project as Markus Lindh, on the evolution of multicellularity in green microalgae (see above). Read more about Maria here.