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Congratulations Dr. Gollnisch!

On March 25th, Raphael Gollnisch defended his PhD thesis “Single-cell population genetics and dispersal limitation of a bloom-forming microalga“. He did brilliantly and can now call himself Dr. Gollnisch. If you are interested in a pdf of the thesis please … Continue reading

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High calcium limits expansion of Gonyostomum semen Congratulations to Raphael Gollnisch on his first first-author paper Calcium and pH interaction limits bloom formation and expansion of a nuisance microalga in Limnology & Oceanography (see

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Phytoplankton sampling during winter

In one of our projects we sample year round. That means some extra challenges. Currently sampling on ice on beautiful lake Krageholmssjön. We are using an ice drill to make a hole for our sampling equipment. Of course we have … Continue reading

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New PhD student

I would like to welcome Sandra Rabow, who is a new PhD student in my group. Sandra’s research focus will be on the effect of extreme weather on algal blooms, specifically summer heat waves and the competition between dinoflagellates and … Continue reading

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PhD student position opening

A fully funded doctoral student position on freshwater algal bloom dynamics is available in my lab. Closing date February 15, 2020.  Project description Blooms like it hot – or not Aquatic environments are of enormous importance as natural resources of … Continue reading

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High diversity of microcystin chemotypes

Congratulations to PhD student Emma Johansson for the publication of her first paper for her thesis! In this study Emma has explored the microcystin variants (chemotypes) of 130 Microcystis botrys strains from a single bloom season. See

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Gonyostomum chloroplast genome

Former lab member Ingrid Sassenhagen just published our paper on the Gonyostomum semen chloroplast genome in a special volume in Genes. This work was done using whole-genome amplification from a few isolated chloroplasts, thereby circumventing having to culture cells. Please … Continue reading

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Postdoctoral position available

Project description Microscopic organisms are widespread and many species have a cosmopolitan distribution. This pattern suggests that microorganisms (such as phytoplankton), in contrast to most larger organisms, have unlimited dispersal. Unlimited dispersal implies high migration rates and gene flow within … Continue reading

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Gonyostomum in Cedar Swamp, Woods Hole

In a paper 1935, Drouet and Cohen, described that they had found the rarely observed flagellate Gonyostoum semen in a sphagnum swamp in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. This locality is referred to by residents as the Cedar Swamp. This year … Continue reading

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2018 field sampling

This summer we will have two major field sampling campaigns going on. One is here in southern Sweden, in lakes Ringsjön and Vombsjön. The project is focused on the seasonal dynamics of toxin and non-toxin producing strains of the cyanobacterium Microcystis … Continue reading

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